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Plate Compactor

Plate Compactor


The vibratory plates of the WP range are extremely compact machines, which are perfect for compacting asphalt and interlocking paving stone, as well as the compaction of mixed soils in very confined spaces.

They are particularly useful for the construction of paths, as well as horticulture and landscaping. The perfect combination of optimally designed base plate and guide handle achieves superior manuverability.

These machines are easy to guide around rocks and manhole covers, or along curbs, gutters, guide rails and buildings. 



  • Perfect asphalt compaction. The tapered edges of the base plate minimise the formation of track marks when turning the vibratory plate.
  • Comfortable surface compaction. The tapered base plate makes spot compaction easy.
  • Robust design minimises maintenance. The v-belt drive with all-round protection


  • Operating height 632mm
  • Size of base plate (W x L) 500mm x 586mm
  • Operating weight 85kg
  • Compacted area (soil) 870m2/h
  • Forward speed (soil) 29m/min
  • Vibration frequency 98Hz
  • Max. centrifugal force 15kN
  • Honda GX 160 engine
  • Fuel tank capacity 3.7 Litres
  • Fuel consumption 1.8 l/h
  • Power transmission from drive motor via automatic centrifugal belt drive direct to exciter.

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