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Vibratory Plow Attachment

Vibratory Plow Attachment


Designed for mini track loaders, the vibratory plow attachment is the ideal tool for installing pipe and cable with minimal ground disturbance. To preserve surrounding sod conditions, a coulter wheel cuts sod immediately ahead of the plow blade while the pressure foot holds the sod down as the blade moves up and down. The result is a knife-like slit that almost disappears as the cut is driven over by the machine.

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Top Tasks

  • Construct new sprinkler systems
  • Place telephone cable, TV cable, and electrical wire
  • Bury irrigation pipe and wire
  • Install utility cable in the ground
  • Install flexible pipe and utility cable
  • Produces a narrow, knife-like slit 6 to 18 in. below the surface
  • Slit almost disappears as the cut is walked on or driven over
  • Pulls up to 1.5-in.-diameter pipe, cable or wire


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