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Full Size Heavy Duty Trencher

Full Size Heavy Duty Trencher


Backed by the philosophy that in order for a company to be successful, its customers must be successful, Barreto strives to provide the best quality and service possible.

IDEAL FOR: Homeowners and Landscape Professionals
APPLICATION: 24” depth - Moderate to hard digging conditions

Ground Speed

Forward: 180 fpm
Reverse: 90 fpm
Digging Chain Speed: 260 fpm


Trench Depth: 24"
Trench Width: 4" or 6"
Boom Travel (Up): 60"
Boom Travel (Down): 60"
Head Shaft Height Digging Chain: 8"
Front Wheel to Handlebar: 83"
Boom End to Handlebar: 88"
Transport Width: 35"
Transport Height: 46"
Wheel Base: 35"
Trench Center to Outside Left: 16"
Trench Center to Outside Right: 19"
Weight: 900 lbs.

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