This Year's Popular Wedding Trends

This Year's Popular Wedding Trends

Every bride wants her special day to be memorable and unique, and knowing new trends well before the big day can help you plan an amazing event with your own special flair. These top trends are sure to be found at many ceremonies and receptions in 2018, and every bride can embrace them in her own distinctive way.

Top Wedding Trends to Come in 2018

  • Venues and Locations
    While some locations such as churches, gardens and reception centers remain timeless for wedding venues, many couples are looking for more chic, unique options in 2018. Barns, farms, vineyards and orchards have been popular for years, and couples looking for more stylish locations are opting for industrial spaces such as lofts, rooftops and museums where there is still a sense of airiness but with a modern flair. A beautiful compromise for outdoor venues but still incorporating a modern touch is to select a conservatory or even consider clear tents to create a customized venue with a grand sense of space.

  • Décor With Romantic Flair
    The décor of your wedding sets the mood for the event and creates a stunning space for every moment. In 2018, bohemian chic trends are emerging, featuring macramé accents, lush greenery and woodsy options rather than farmhouse or rustic touches. Geodes and crystals are excellent options to add a bit of sparkle to the occasion, and dream catchers are wistful accents that can be used in different ways. Hanging floral arrangements are also growing in popularity, and give couples the opportunity to feature stunning flowers and cascading styles without overwhelming tables or creating a crowded space. Neon signs are another popular trend for this year, and customized signs not only add a bit of fun flair to the wedding, but then become meaningful art in the couple's new home.

  • Colors for a 2018 Wedding
    Blue is the new black for wedding colors in 2018, and more couples are veering away from traditional black tuxedos. Instead, navy blue, deep burgundy, rich dark violet and other deep hues are increasingly popular, though black is still used as a powerful accent when lighter colors are preferred. Metallic accents are changing to more monochrome looks, and silver, chrome, platinum and pewter are the year's hottest metallics.

  • What to Wear
    With the impending royal wedding in May, necklines are on the rise for wedding gowns in 2018, with fewer strapless styles. For modesty without sacrificing the elegance of a strapless gown, brides are considering flowing capes with lace, organza and other romantic materials. A long cape can also serve as an alternative to the veil, allowing the same flowing elegance without covering a beautiful hairstyle. Shoes should also be more visible this year, with many brides opting for unique statement shoes that can be reworn after the wedding.

  • Entertaining Your Guests
    More and more, a wedding is about all the attendees, not just the happy couple, and providing suitable entertainment for guests is a high priority for 2018 brides and grooms. The right entertainment keeps everyone enjoying the event and allows a couple to engage with their guests in more memorable ways. Photo booths with new and unique props, lawn games for outdoor events and after parties to keep the celebration going into the wee hours are all popular options for a complete wedding day. Couples are also more committed to coordinating their events on social media, and a customized wedding hashtag – shared with guests through save-the-date cards and invitations – can help ensure everyone stays connected.

  • Creative Wedding Menus
    Gone are the days of simple wedding menus with predictable entrees and limited choices. Couples in 2018 are interested in promoting regional flavors with customized dishes and seasonal specialties. Local craft beers, locally-sourced ingredients and more unique choices are key menu items. Incorporating the couple's favorite dishes – even homemade selections and family recipes – are other tasty trends finding their way onto wedding menus.

  • A More Intimate Day
    The days of the packed wedding with hundreds of guests and long lines of bridal parties are drawing to a close, and the current trend is toward more intimate and meaningful relationships with everyone involved. Couples are cutting the guest list in order to ensure personal connections with all their guests, and even wedding parties are getting trimmed to just a few attendants rather than a dozen or more bridesmaids and groomsmen. This allows the couple to truly focus on everyone during their special day, without feeling overwhelmed by the crowd.

With so many different trends to consider, it can be difficult to decide what sort of event you want to create and how you want to celebrate your most romantic day. Ultimately, follow the trends you are interested in, discard those that don't appeal to you, and don't be afraid to set a new trend of your own as you create a memorable event to share with family, friends and most importantly, each other.