Using a Cotton Candy Machine

Using a Cotton Candy Machine

Having a Cotton Candy Machine at your next party or event is sure to get the kids excited. If you plan on renting one, here are some tips on using it:

Make sure it’s clean
Before starting up the Cotton Candy Machine, be sure that the inside of the bowl is completely clear of any leftovers from the last time it was used.

Follow the instructions
The rented Cotton Candy Machine will include instructions on how to assemble it. They should be simple and straight-forward, but if you have difficulty, feel free to call the rental store for assistance.

Let it warm up
It’s time to plug in the Cotton Candy Machine and let it warm up. Ten minutes should do it. Make sure the machine has finished warming up before putting anything into it.

Pour in the sugar
You could go with the pre-manufactured, colored sugar or you can make your own mix (for that, regular granulated sugar is the best).. Using the cup that is included with the machine, a few drops of food coloring into the sugar should work fine.

Getting the cotton candy
Now that you put the sugar in, the cotton candy should be adhering to the side of the bowl. Hold an inch or two of the pointed end of the paper cone between two fingers and a thumb. With a light flicking action, roll the cone in the web of floss building up in the pan. Lift the cone up with the ring of floss attached and rotate the cone to wrap the floss.
If the floss fails to stick to the cone, pass the cone near the spinner head to pick up a little of the melted sugar for the floss to adhere to. Lift the cone out of the pan and wrap the floss with a “figure eight” movement of the hand. Put the stick into the machine and break up the cotton candy string and lift it out of the pan with the stick.

Clean up
Make sure that the machine has run enough to be emptied of all sugar that has been put into it, before shutting it off. Once it has, unplug the unit, clean the bowl out and disassemble the Cotton Candy Machine.

Why not sweeten up your next party or event with some cotton candy? Give us a call today and we'll be happy to assist you in making your next event special!