Fall Yard Clean-up

Cleaning your yard in the fall can be a big hassle… especially if you have to rake up leaves every week! Cut down on the time and energy this project takes by visiting TJ's Taylor Rental. We will make sure you have everything you need to tidy up your yard in no time.

For small projects, pick up a backpack blower. These blowers are a quick and easy way to clean up the yard, flower beds, and gardens before the snow falls. Gas powered backpack blowers provide roaming freedom and ease, but you will want to use ear protectors. These are perfect for those smaller jobs where you can blow leaves and small debris into a pile – then simply bag up the pile and you are good to go.

For bigger projects, save your back by renting a walk-behind blower. There is enough power in these blowers to clear a space of any size; and it’s as easy as a walk in the park! Remember, collecting leaves in a pile will probably just have you cleaning the yard again in a few days, so be sure to rent a leaf vacuum to dispose of the lawn clutter properly.

One last clean-up task to consider - those low hanging or dead branches…get rid of them before the snow falls. With winter winds and snow these branches can become dangerous and annoying if they fall. Take care of them now by renting a chainsaw, pole saw, and ladder! Once down, rent a chipper and make short work of that brush pile.