Using a Laser Level

Using a Laser Level

While a laser level is often used by professionals, it is practical enough for a homeowner to use as well. Below, we share a few things that laser levels can do for you.

There are two main types of laser levels. One is the manual type where you have to make sure that the device is level on your own. This is not different because it usually features the normal "bubble" level feature that you have seen before. The self-leveling laser level is the other type. With this, you can just get the device fairly close to level and it will find the precise level plain on its own.

Many of the laser levels have adhesive that can stick to walls, leaving your hands free to operate. You also don’t have to keep rechecking points along a wall - simply make pencil marks along the laser line. Also, if kept at a reasonable distance, lasers can bend around a corner of a room, giving you the opportunity to mark off that spot and continue your way around at a consistent level.

Using a laser level can make home projects such as hanging multiple photos a lot easier to do than using a traditional bubble level, and will help you achieve professional results along the way. Besides, why should only the pros have all the cool toys?