Creating a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Creating a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Of all the seasons to have a wedding, none seem more magical than the winter. Maybe it’s the effect of the Holidays, the time of year when our hearts and thoughts turn to gatherings of family and friends; the cozy and comfortable sense of tradition that is so strong during that time of year. Either way, a picturesque winter-scape of gently falling snowflakes as a beautiful bride and her groom profess their love in front of family and friends doesn’t have to be the stuff of fairy tales. A beautiful wedding in such a winter wonderland can be pulled off, with the proper planning. One of the greatest advantages of a winter wedding is the fact that it is considered the off-season and many vendors and venues offer lower rates. Availability is usually less of a problem during this slower season as well. Below, we’ll discuss some things to think about if you decide to have your wedding in the winter.

Plan ahead
A back-up plan is essential. During this time of year, the weather can be more unpredictable. There are more factors to consider, after all. It may be a clear, beautiful winter’s day, but it may also be much too cold. Wind is another factor. There’s no problem with some wind in the warm summer months, but this time of year it can magnify the cold temperatures. Also, light snow can be a sight to behold, but a blizzard is not. For these reasons, it is a good idea to be flexible about the location. Always have an indoor venue planned as a backup.

Creating a Facebook page for the wedding is a great way to keep guests updated on how the day is shaping up to look. Late breaking changes in weather, venue, etc., can be easily conveyed through a Facebook page for your event. It also serves as a great focal point for people to exchange photos and more, once the event has taken place.

It may be a good idea to plan part of the event outdoors and part indoors. During the winter months, the sun goes down much sooner, so an afternoon wedding outside, with an evening reception may be what works best for your needs.

If the weather decides not to cooperate, it’s still possible to move the wedding party outdoors long enough to capture some memorable winter photos and continue with the event inside.

Bundling up for a wedding
Obviously, extra consideration should be taken when deciding what to wear. Keep in mind that putting on more clothes means more ways to accessorize! For example, bridesmaids in matching dresses, pea coats, hats, mittens, stockings and boots can create a wonderful look.

During the ceremony, some guests may not have prepared for the weather, so try to keep a basket of extra hats and mittens available.

Inform your guests in advance that all or part of the wedding will be outdoors and to dress appropriately.

A tent in the winter?
A tent can be used during any season. You’ll be amazed at how warm and cozy your guests will be in a tent with the proper amount of heaters. In fact, commercial patio heaters are capable of keeping your guests comfortable without a tent at all. Using both will ensure that your guests will be comfortable and warm whether inside, or mingling with other guests outside of the tent.
When planning, give us a call and we’ll help you find the tent that will work best for you. The size of your event and how much of it you plan on holding inside and outside, will dictate the size of tent as well as the number and types of heaters you would need.

Whether indoors or out, remember to think of lighting. During the winter, the proper selection of lighting can turn your winter scene into a wonderland. Lights twinkling; snowflakes sparkling as they drift down… it’s what makes winter so magical. We can help you decide which indoor and outdoor lighting will set the scene for a perfect winter wedding. Cozy candles, elegant chandeliers, family and friends gathered under toasty patio heaters or around warm outdoor fireplaces… what’s not to love!

Winter Color
An incredible variety of linens and tableware are available to choose from. Will you still be in the Holiday mood? Either way, you can still look festive by choosing elegant whites and ivories, incorporated with a metallic pallet of copper and gold. Lots of warm light will work great with these colors to create the warm, inviting mood you’re looking for.

Not sure about flowers? Why not incorporate other winter elements such as berries, thistle, grey tones as well as cozy winter fabrics like tweed or wool?

Other winter wedding tips

  • Keep the warm liquids flowing. A coffee bar that also offers such things as hot cocoa, tea and mulled cider will keep your guests warm and happy.
  • For your indoor back-up venue, you can still “winter it up” by bringing some outdoor elements inside. With proper lighting and a little imagination, you can still pull off a magical evening. A venue that has an available fireplace will make the event all the more cozy.
  • Let guests know that they’re welcome to change into indoor reception clothing if they prefer.
  • Outside, cover chairs with soft fabric slip covers. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to match your winter décor. This is a wonderful, attractive way to keep your guests comfortable.
  • Keep a selection of blankets and throws available. These don’t have to be purchased, however. You could arrange for friends and family to donate them for the wedding event and then have them returned once the nuptials are through.

Remember, our experts can help you plan a winter wedding that will be remembered for years to come. Sharing these cherished moments with family and friends will certainly keep everyone warm on the inside. And for keeping warm on the outside? You can leave that to us.